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In order for Noti to work on your severr, you need to give it some different permissions. Below you can see which permissions Noti must have and why.
Manage Roles
Ability to grant roles to a user this is for the syncable roles feature
Manage Channels
To create and update channels this is for the channel counter feature
Kick Members
This is an upcoming feature where we can require like syncable role to be a part of the server
Create Invite
This is for an upcoming referral system we are wanting to build
Manage Nickname
This is for an upcoming feature for syncable usernames from social media platforms to Discord.
Change Nickname
This is for changing the bots own nickname for any abused names.
Manage Webhooks
The ability to create and manage webhooks for notifications and other features.
View Audit Log
This is for development debugging purposes
Read Messages
The ability to read messages
Moderate Members
This is for syncable required servers for example subscriber-only server.
Send Messages
The permissions to send messages like notifications
Send Messages in Threads
Permission for the bot to send messages when required
Create Private Threads
This is for the notification feature to create private threads if set
Create Public Threads
This is for the notification feature to create public threads if set
Send TTS Messages
Allowing notifications to send tts messages
Manage Messages
A way for the bot to delete messages for notifications and other aspects of feature
Manage Threads
For it to have access to delete its own threads
Embed Links
For the bot to have permission to send links and have them embed the content
Attach Files
Allowing attached files for notifications let's say a trailer
Read Messages History
So it can read history of channels so it doesnt miss setups set by admins
Mention @everyone, @here, and all roles
Permissions to mention roles for notifications
Add reactions
Used for upcomin features
Use Application Commands
To use the / commands
Move Members
To move members