Linked Roles

  • Go to Server Settings -> Roles
  • Create a new Role with whatever name you like
  • Go to the Links tab and click Add Requirement
  • On the dialog that pops up, click on Noti underneath the Apps section
  • Optionally configure a Kick Followers minimum for the linked role

How does a user get their linked Kick role?

  • The process is exactly the same as /sync or Synchronize button in the panel
  • Discord user needs to click on the guild name on the top left of the server, and go to Linked Roles
  • User should click on the role name with the Noti icon beside it
  • User then clicks on the Noti (BOT) option on the next screen
  • This will take the user to which will give the code to put in Noti Kick Chat
  • Once completed, the linked role will be applied to the user and cannot be revoked unless the user unlinks their Kick account from Noti
A user can also link their Kick account via User Profile -> Settings -> Kick by clicking the +Connect button
If you have any questions about Noti, feel free to join our support server.